Dans le cadre d’un projet mené par ECPM et ses partenaires en Asie, ADPAN recrute (offre réservée aux Malaysiens).

ADPAN is recruiting a coordinator for its program in Malaysia & Indonesia (with European funding, the association Together Against the Death Penalty (ECPM) heads the project):

Anti Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN) is an independent cross-regional network committed to working for an end to the death penalty across the Asia Pacific region. It was founded in Hong Kong on the World Day against the Death Penalty in 2006. ADPAN is made up of NGOs, organizations, civil society groups, lawyers and individual members, not linked to any political party, religion or government. It currently has members in 28 countries: Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Vietnam. ADPAN supports its members by actively campaigning for the abolition of the death penalty.

This includes participating in actions including the World Day against the Death Penalty, producing major cross-regional report, writing to governments, sending individual appeals, issuing public statements, joint letters, Twitter and Facebook updates and a regular newsletter.

ECPM Presentation: Together Against the Death Penalty (ECPM) leads the project and is accountable to the European Union for its proper implementation. ECPM is a non-profit organisation under French law and based in France.

Since 2000, Together Against the Death Penalty (ECPM), an international abolitionist association, has been promoting the universal abolition of the death penalty throughout the world. The association works to fight the death penalty through advocacy with governments, the strengthening of the abolitionist civil society, the creation and dissemination of publications, and support for those sentenced to death. ECPM federates abolitionists to increase efficiency and accelerate the movement towards the universal abolition of the death penalty. The association founded the World Congresses Against the Death Penalty, which it organizes every three years (Strasbourg 2001, Montreal 2004, Paris 2007, Geneva 2010, Madrid 2013 and Oslo 2016) gathering thousands of abolitionists from all over the world (civil society, politicians…).

Objective of the project for which the position is created: Accompanying parliamentarians, national institutions and civil society organisations for the abolition of the death penalty in South-East Asia and Central Africa. The overall objective of the project is to move in stages towards the abolition of the death penalty in 4 countries (Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Cameroon, Malaysia and Indonesia) of 2 key regions (Central Africa and South-East Asia) for the international movement in favour of abolition.

This post is created to implement the operational component of activities in Indonesia, Malaysia and provide support to the ADPAN network. Thus the project aims to support the work and networking of key actors – civil society organisations, parliamentarians, national human rights institutions (NHRIs) – in Indonesia and Malaysia to bring positive developments on a sustainable basis in the field of the death penalty. It aims to support advances at the legislative level (restriction of its application, work on the mandatory death penalty in Malaysia) in order to improve the guarantees of the rights of individuals facing the death penalty and the conditions of incarceration of death row prisoners.

The project runs for 36 months and is financed mainly by the European Commission (line EIDHR – death penalty lot).

ECPM is accountable for the project to the European Union. The overall project is a consortium of 7 organisations, including ADPAN and ECPM. The other formal partner organisations of the project for the Asian component are: 1 national human rights institution (Komnas HAM Indonesia), and 1 international association (PGA-Parliamentarians for Global Action).

However, the success of the action rests on the mobilisation of a large number of stakeholders in Indonesia and Malaysia who will be associated with the project and beneficiaries of the action: parliamentarians, human rights associations and national coalition against the death penalty, mainly NHRI.

Thus, the project includes the following advocacy campaigns:

– Campaign to mobilise parliamentarians, in partnership with PGA

– Campaign for the mobilisation of NHRIs, in partnership with Komnas Ham: with production of a reference guide

– Campaign in the context of the international instruments on the death penalty [moratorium at the United Nations, UPR, ICCPR (Malaysia)]

– Campaign on the living conditions on death row, with production of a mission report

– As well as support to Indonesian and Malaysian civil society actors and the ADPAN network and the production of a publication on the non-deterrent effects of the death penalty.

Missions of the position: Employee of ADPAN, under the hierarchical responsibility of ADPAN Executive Committee (“ADPAN EC”) and the functional responsibility of the coordinator of the ECPM project and in connection with the team in support of ECPM (financial and administrative management), PGA and the ADPAN EC, the coordinator will be responsible for the technical, logistical and financial coordination of the Asian component of the project, its implementation in Indonesia and Malaysia, the development of policy components and the mobilisation of the main stakeholders in the action.

In this context, he/she will be in charge of: Technical and financial coordination of the Asian component of the project:

– Construction of project monitoring tools adapted to the activities in Indonesia & Malaysia: action plan, timetable, monitoring tools.

– Ensures regular coordination and follow-up of the partners: regular exchanges at a distance, follow-up mission in Indonesia, in the region and internationally

– Ensures budget monitoring of actions in Indonesia and Malaysia in compliance with contractual commitments

– He/she produces the quarterly reports (narrative and financial reports) and regularly reports on the progress of the project to the ADPAN EC and to the ECPM coordinator according to the terms defined in the partnership agreements.

Implementation of the project campaigns:

– Support for the mobilisation of the different stakeholders of the project (political authorities, civil society, appropriate legal and media), and mission representation

– Support for the mobilisation of parliamentarians and NHRIs for their mobilisation in action: visits to prisons, participation in events, production of notes and report to the competent authorities.

– Organisation of project events (national conferences, training workshops, parliamentary workshop and seminar): support for the mobilisation of target audiences, logistical organisation, management of participants, monitoring of the production of campaign tools (letters, flyer, UPR report, press release) signage and communication.

Support for ADPAN Network activities:

– Set up the annual General Assemblies: logistical follow-up, management of participants (flights, accommodation), support for the development of the program with the ADPAN board.

– Management of international travel of the network members for the activities planned in the project (participation in the Regional and World Congress, regional and international conference of the project)

– Write a quarterly newsletter and supporting the activities of social networks

– Coordinate the external communication tools detailed in the project: 4 infographics, brochure, flyer.

Support for project publications (mission reports on death row, deterrence tool, guide for NHRIs)

– Support for the development and dissemination of the terms of reference

– Support for the selection of authors

– Follow-up of the production: follow-up of the translations in local languages, proofreading, support for the follow-up of the publication designs.

– Coordinate the dissemination of publications in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Profile of the candidate: Experience: holder of a graduate degree in project management, law, political science or equivalent

Professional experiences: – Minimum 3 years experience in project coordination in non-profit and/or human rights

– Knowledge of international law and human rights

– Experience in project management with European funding would be a plus

Profile / Skills: – Fluency in English, both written and spoken

– Very good oral and written communication skills and partner facilitation skills

– Logistics experience

– Mastery of the most common Microsoft Office software (Word and Excel),

– A good knowledge of Bahasa is appreciated

– Knowledge of the UN mechanisms and/or the topic of the death penalty, particularly in South-East Asia, would be sought

– Knowledge of Europaid procedures is appreciated

– Team spirit and collective work

– Stress management, flexibility, autonomy, diplomacy, representation

Conditions: Nationality : Malaysian City: based in Kuala Lumpur. Very frequent travels to be expected in Indonesia, and regularly on the international scene. Status: 27-month contract to start as soon as possible. Salary: Basic Salary of RM4,200.00 (Travel allowance of RM300 per month, EPF, SOSCO and medical and insurance provided) Documents to be sent under the reference « Asia Project Coordinator”, thank you for sending CV and cover letter before 1st October 2017.

Contact: only by email to the following address ECPM: recrutement@abolition.fr Only selected candidates will be contacted. Selected candidates will be required to go through an Interview via Skype. ADPAN reserves the right to close the call before the deadline if a suitable applicant has been found.